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Business Entry Pack

The Entry Business package is designed for a sole proprietor, very small, or cost conscious business, and is meant to get you and your business into the right technology as cost effectively as possible. This pack is a technology foundation that will give your business the right technical footing from day one and in the future will allow you to add on and build on what you have as your business needs grow.

The Intermediate package is designed for small to medium business, or any company that wants to take advantage of all of the technology options available to help them. This pack will give your business a more integrated technological footing from day one and will allow you to leverage available channels and technologies to help your business grow now and in the future.

Intermediate Pack

Texas Sized Pack

The Texas sized pack is designed for a business that wants a turn key integrated office solution. This pack is meant for any company that wants to hit the ground running day one with all available technical aids at their disposal and have their technology integrated across multiple channels, just like large enterprises but for an affordable cost.

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